Professional Liability and Regulation

When people enter into a contract, they expect to get what they bargain for. When they don’t get what they bargain for, they expect a remedy.

But for the professional person, life is not so straightforward. No matter how much care and effort is put in by the professional, the disappointed client is a fact of life. Claims for damages and complaints to professional bodies are now a permanent part of the landscape. Axiom has expertise in guiding people navigating that landscape.

Axiom’s members have conducted many of the leading and most challenging Scottish cases in this field – often high profile or of a sensitive nature. In some cases, the parties have recognised that mediation offers a better solution than litigation and we can assist in that process too.

Members have acted for and against professionals in every sector including the law, accountancy, construction and finance. We have acted for disciplinary bodies and for those being disciplined. Our advocates are regularly instructed in disciplinary matters and judicial reviews involving professional bodies.

Whether you are dealing with disciplinary complaints or liability claims, Axiom’s members can support you through the demands of your individual case.

Axiom is “a leading destination for a full suite of professional negligence matters”… a “go-to set for commercial disputes, professional negligence, and regulatory matters” thanks to “a number of silks and junior counsel who excel in their field”.  Chambers and Partners.