The ownership and use of commercial property involves relationships with others: landlords, neighbours, tenants and planning authorities to name a few.  Those relationships are not always harmonious, and if conflict arises it is important to understand how best to navigate the competing rights and regulations.

Axiom advocates have considerable experience and specialist knowledge in the field.  We can provide advice and, where it is needed, skilled representation in any dispute resolution procedure such as litigation, arbitration or mediation.

We provide advice and representation in relation to all legal aspects of commercial property, including:

  • Landlord and tenant (such as rent reviews, dilapidations and notice requirements
  • Sale, development and option agreements
  • Title disputes
  • Planning
  • Nuisance
  • Environmental law
  • Telecommunications Code

As a leading set for property disputes, our members are able to represent clients successfully in cases where property law intersects with other areas, such as public and human rights law or insolvency law.  Whether your dispute is relatively straightforward or horribly complex, you can rest assured that Axiom Advocates will guide you to the best possible outcome while minimising the stress.