Public law regulates the legal relationship between public authorities and private organisations and individuals. It is important because of the unequal relationship between the government and the public.  Disputes are usually dealt with by a petition for judicial review or using a statutory appeal procedure.

Judicial review allows individuals and businesses to challenge the decisions made by Ministers, Government Departments, local authorities and other public bodies, including professional organisations, regulators, planning authorities and some tribunals.

Examples of public law cases include Brexit litigations and challenges to the introduction of legislation to control the minimum price of alcohol, both of which involved Axiom members.

Our counsel are regularly instructed in judicial review, statutory appeals, regulatory and disciplinary hearings and public inquiries.  Our members are well accustomed to acting for companies aggrieved by decisions taken by public bodies.


If you are concerned by issues involving any of the following areas, we have members with the relevant experience:

  • Constitutional law and challenges to Acts of the Scottish Parliament and Statutory Instruments
  • Judicial review
  • Human rights and civil liberties
  • Equality law
  • EU law
  • Local government
  • Planning and environmental law
  • Energy
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Freedom of information
  • Immigration and nationality
  • Mental health
  • Police and prison law
  • Housing law
  • Education law
  • Public inquiries
  • Public procurement
  • Regulatory and disciplinary law