Planning, Environmental and Energy

Issues relating to land use and its control bring together the areas of public law and commercial law in which Axiom’s members specialise.

Axiom is well placed to assist whether in the traditional context of town and country planning, or in specialist areas such as environmental law or minerals, contaminated land or transport. Increased government legislation has resulted in more complexity. Thanks to the recent political impetus and legal changes businesses active in this area will benefit from the kind of representation and advice our planning experts offer.

Planning-related issues arise increasingly in the context of property transaction disputes. While there has always been a focus on advice at local plan and public local inquiries, changes to the planning system underline the importance of getting sound advice at the outset. Ultimately, there may be a need to consider challenging planning-related decisions in the courts. When you reach this stage, costs protection in the form of a Protective Expenses Order may be appropriate. Axiom’s members have been at the forefront of these developments in Scotland and are happy to advise.

Whether you need advice on pushing ahead with a development, or on objecting to one, we can help you.  Our members act for developers, objectors, local authorities, other interested parties and the Government over planning decisions.   Whatever the context, our friendly, capable advocates are here to provide you with practical advice, effective representation and reassurance in what can be a stressful situation.