Media Law

Axiom members are regularly instructed in the highest profile and most significant media law cases in Scotland. These include defamation, privacy and contempt of court proceedings.

Media law concerns the legal issues arising from the activities of the broadcasting and publishing media and the control or dissemination of information, including on the internet.

It can involve major areas of law such as defamation, privacy, confidentiality, data protection, freedom of expression, copyright, contempt of court, regulation of the media and reporting restrictions.

Public interest in the private lives of celebrities and public figures, coupled with the massive increase recently in the volume of material which is published, broadcast or put on the internet, make this a fast-developing area of law which often throws up legal issues of great importance to individuals and the media.

The law has to try and strike the correct balance between, on the one hand, freedom of expression and the right to report and, on the other, an individual’s rights not to be defamed and to privacy and confidentiality.

Members of Axiom have developed considerable experience, at senior and junior level, in handling complex and high-profile cases in these areas, whether acting for pursuers or defenders.  Our Counsel are regularly instructed to act for or against major newspapers and broadcasters.  Whether you are a publisher, a public figure or a private individual, our advocates can provide you with the expert advice to reassure and guide you through this increasingly complex legal environment.