Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are those around your brand and technology.  Other assets include your client lists, your supplier contacts, product designs and copyrights.  Most people don’t think about it, but copyright applies to the design existing in texts, fonts, use of colour, layout and the way they work together.  Trademarks and patents are generally better understood and more widely protected.  Getting any element of the protection of your business’ intellectual property rights wrong can cost you money or, worse, your competitive edge.

Intellectual property rights enable you to protect the creativity or innovation you offer to your customers.

The main areas of intellectual property rights are:

  • Copyright – protects literary, dramatic, musical or artistic creations, as well as broadcasts, sound recordings and software programmes
  • Patents – protect inventions in all areas from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals; machinery to chemical processes; and everything in between
  • Trademarks and passing off – protect trade names, logos and get-up
  • Design right – protects the visual appearance of objects, including industrial objects
  • Trade secrets – protect confidential business information such as secret processes, know-how and customer lists

Axiom Advocates’ experienced members can advise you on making sure your interests are properly protected in advance; how to enforce your rights against infringers; and how to defend yourself against third party claims.

Axiom is “home to talented advocates who are able to handle the full spread of intellectual property work.” Chambers and Partners.