Competition, EU and Public Procurement

The UK has its own well-developed system of competition law principally housed in the Competition Act 1998. Brexit marked the end of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement.  This has inevitably changed the competition law landscape by allowing the UK far more autonomy in applying its own regulatory rules independently of the EU.  The Competition and Markets Authority and the Courts are now making precedent in coming up with their own regime, deciding how far they will follow EU competition law developments and case law.

An increase in competition policy enforcement in the UK could be an opportunity.  It may become easier to engage the CMA’s attention to anti-competitive conduct, for example, which limits a business’ ability to expand.  Whatever your business concerns, Axiom Advocates are perfectly placed to advise. Our experience in cases involving beer tie agreements, supply of milk, minimum prices, public transport (among others) brings a nuanced understanding of how best to protect or advance your business interests.

Public Procurement

The procurement decisions of public authorities are subject to strict regulations.  It is in everyone’s   interests to ensure that public sector bodies comply.  Axiom members frequently advise in disputes, either companies seeking to be awarded contracts or the public authorities themselves. This level of comprehensive experience saves our clients on either side stress, time and money.

“..Leading Scottish stable for procurement disputes which is highly esteemed…The advocates frequently represent the Scottish Government, local authorities and companies in these matters.” Chambers and Partners.