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Refusal of planning permission for wind turbines - Mains of Bodinfinnoch

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Refusal of planning permission for wind turbines - Mains of Bodinfinnoch

05 December 2013

Appeal by Bodinfinnoch Windfarm Ltd

The appellant had proposed the erection of four wind turbines in an area southwest of Keith, Moray, which it described as an extension to the existing Hill of Towie windfarm. The appeal was dismissed by the Reporter and planning permission refused. One of the issues in the appeal was the interference of the proposed wind turbines with Ministry of Defence radar operations. 

The Reporter considered the key question in that context to be whether, considering the existence of the Hill of Towie windfarm, the increase in radar interference would be acceptable.  The Reporter held that the incremental loss of operational airspace was a serious concern to both military and civilian operations, and aviation safety. The development would result in an unacceptable impact on radar operations.  The Reporter also agreed that it was not for the Ministry of Defence to change its operations in light of development, but for the developer to suggest, investigate and implement solutions to resolve conflicts.   The Reporter further found that the development would have significant landscape and visual impacts.

Axiom member, Almira Delibegovic-Broome, represented the Ministry of Defence.

The decision is available at the following link: