What makes Axiom Advocates different?

The members of Axiom Advocates are all members of the Scottish bar. They are committed to offering the highest quality of independent legal advice and representation. They specialize in commercial and public law. They are selected on merit. 

How do I engage an Axiom Advocate?

By contacting any of our clerking team:

Practice Manager – Lesley Flynn 0131 260 5651; lesley.flynn@axiomadvocates.com

Deputy Practice Managers

Catriona Still 0131 260 5653; catriona.still@axiomadvocates.com

Veronica Darling 0131 260 5656; veronica.darling@axiomadvocates.com

Colleen Adams 0131 260 5652; colleen.adams@axiomadvocates.com

Cheryl Wilson 0131 260 5692; cheryl.wilson@axiomadvocates.com



How do I choose the right advocate for my case?

This website contains detailed information regarding the practice and experience of each of the members of Axiom Advocates. The members of our clerking team will also direct you to the members of the stable with the right skills and experience to handle your case.

What are the arrangements for fees? 

Fees are negotiated on behalf of members of Axiom Advocates by the Practice Manager and Deputy Practice Managers. There is no set fee structure. The work which the members of Axiom Advocates do and the services they provide do not lend themselves to standard fees or fee structures.

Our Practice Manager and her team will aim to address the individual feeing needs of the individual client – for example by means of agreement of fees in advance of work being undertaken, or the agreement of daily or hourly rates. We recognise that many clients wish to have a clear indication of fees at the outset and our Practice Manager and her team can assist in meeting the needs of clients.

Are members of Axiom Advocates free to accept instructions outside the fields of commercial and public law?

Yes. Although all members of Axiom Advocates specialize to some degree in commercial or public law or in both fields many members of Axiom Advocates have significant experience and knowledge in areas which might not be regarded as falling within the fields of commercial or public law.

Who runs Axiom? 

We do – together. Practice management is the responsibility of Lesley Flynn. Well-respected in the legal community Lesley is experienced in responding to the needs of clients. Axiom Advocates has a management committee which is responsible for strategic decision-making, but important decisions are taken by the members as a whole.

Who “owns” Axiom? 

Axiom is not a company or a partnership. Each of its members is, in accordance with the professional requirements of the Faculty of Advocates, a self-employed independent professional. We see ourselves as a coherent group with common aims and objectives.